Redocly is looking for a Technical Support Representative to help us deliver high-quality products to our customers. Our customers are software developers and technical documentation writers and product managers.

Redocly is the leader in enterprise API reference and documentation portals. We subscribe to a docs-as-code philosophy, which means applying the common practices for software development into documentation such as using version control software (we love GitHub) and continuous integration workflows.

Consider if these sentences describe you, from a scale of 1 (least) to 5 (most). Be realistic in your assessment.

  • You have tremendous attention to detail.
  • You love APIs and documentation.
  • You are patient and have empathy for customers.
  • You have a proven track record of problem solving.
  • You have experience with ReactJS.
  • You’re familiar with the OpenAPI 3 specification.
  • You have a growth mindset.
  • You communicate in a clear and concise manner.

Add up your score. If your total is 25 or higher, keep reading…

Here is an example of what we would expect:

  • Within 1 month, you became a power “user” of our products.
  • Within 3 months, you have had a measurable impact on response time and NPS.
  • Within 5 months, you communicate learnings and unresolved issues with development, QA, technical writing, and sales in a streamlined way.