Redocly is looking for a technical writer, working closely within our entire team. You would be writing the docs being read by our customers’ technical writers, developers and product managers. We make API design and documentation software with the goal to improve developer experience.

Redocly is the leader in enterprise API reference and documentation portals. We subscribe to a docs-as-code philosophy, which means applying the common practices for software development into documentation such as using version control software (we love GitHub) and continuous integration workflows.

Consider if these sentences describe you, from a scale of 1 (least) to 5 (most). Be realistic in your assessment.

  • You believe technical writers are poorly tooled (we’re trying to solve that).
  • You are good at organizing information (information architecture).
  • You are good at creating new content that explains technical concepts.
  • You write well.
  • You love APIs, and have experience documenting APIs or CLI tools.
  • You have a strong working knowledge of git and the OpenAPI spec (formerly known as Swagger), or aren’t afraid to learn it.
  • You enjoy being on a cross-functional team.
  • You detach your ego when receiving feedback about your writing.
  • You are comfortable providing critical feedback to others.

Add up your score. If your total is 30 or higher, keep reading…

Here is an example of what we would expect:

  • Month 1, you become a power “user” of our API registry and reference docs product. You increase your command of OpenAPI and are able to describe complex schema.
  • Month 2, you outline and then draft or improve the docs for the API registry and reference products. You implement the content in our Dev Portal product and become a “regular” user of it.
  • Month 3, you became a power “user” of our Dev Portal product. You understand how to customize many of the things. You can troubleshoot issues.
  • Month 4, you outline and then draft or improve the docs for the Dev Portal.
  • This is just an example. Actual work and goals may vary, as we believe you should be involved in setting your goals once you understand our overall goals, product, and customers.