Redocly Reference docs quickstart guide

About this guide

This quickstart guide is for users who want to try Reference docs in less than 5 minutes.

To learn how to use Reference docs on-premise, refer to the On-premise Reference docs section.

Before you start

Make sure you fulfill the following prerequisites for working with Reference docs:

  • Complete all the steps in the API registry quickstart guide. Reference docs generates API documentation from API definitions, so you need to add at least one to the API registry.

Step 1 - Select the API definition and version

In this step, you will select the API version for which you'll build API documentation with Reference docs.

  1. Log into Redocly Workflows and access the API registry page.
  2. On the API registry page, select an API version in the list. This opens the API version Overview page.

API version Overview page

Step 2 - Create API reference documentation

In this step, you will create API documentation from the selected API version.

  1. On the Overview page of your API version, find the Usages > In docs section. Select the Create Reference docs button. This opens the Create new reference docs dialog.
  2. In the Create new reference docs dialog, select the API associated with the version for which you want to create documentation. Choose the Single version option.

Create new reference docs dialog

  1. After selecting the API from the first dropdown, select the API version from the second dropdown.

Select the Build previews for branches checkbox.

If you want to make your documentation visible only to users in your Redocly Workflows organization, deselect the Publicly accessible checkbox.

  1. Select Create Reference docs to start the API documentation build. You will be redirected to the Reference docs Overview page.

Reference docs Overview page


You have successfully created API documentation with Reference docs. The link to your new API documentation will be available on the Reference docs Overview page after the build is complete.

Next steps