Every Reference project is connected to an API in the registry, and that API is the project source. You can modify the source settings for your Reference project on the Source page.

Reference source configuration

  1. Navigate to the Settings > Source page of your Reference project.
  2. The Select API dropdown lists APIs available in the registry. To change the source of your Reference project, select an API in the dropdown.
  3. If you want to create documentation for one API version, select the Single version option. Then, choose one of the available versions for in the Select version dropdown.
  4. If the API has multiple versions in the registry and you want to display them in your Reference docs with the version switcher, select the Multiple versions option. In the list that displays, select one of the versions as the default. Select the Show checkbox next to the versions you want to include in the version switcher, or leave it deselected to hide the version from the switcher. For versions that will be included in the switcher, you can modify the label text by selecting the pencil icon in the Menu label column. This text is used to identify the version in the switcher dropdown.

Reference multiple versions configuration

  1. Optionally, select the Build previews for branches checkbox. This enables preview builds for branches other than your project's main branch. When preview builds are enabled, you can access their logs from the Reference project Overview and Logs pages.
  2. Select Update reference to confirm your changes to the source. A new Reference build is automatically triggered. When the build is published, access your Reference docs to check that your changes have been applied.