This specification extension is supported only in Reference docs integrated in Developer portal 1.1.0-beta.32 and newer.

It requires that pagination: item is configured in the Reference docs .page.yaml file.


Use x-meta to control meta tags in the HTML <head> element for each Reference docs page in the Developer portal. Add it to the operation OpenAPI object.

Before adding x-meta to your API definition, you must set pagination: item in the .page.yaml configuration file. This ensures that every operation is rendered on its own page and can apply the tags you specified in x-meta.

Field Name Type Description
description string Sets the contents of the <meta name="description"> tag for the operation page.
image string Sets the rich metadata image that is used when sharing the direct link to the operation page.
keywords string Sets the contents of the <meta name="keywords"> tag for the operation page. Provide the keywords as a comma-separated list, e.g. keywords: documentation, api, openapi.
title string Sets the default contents of the <title> tag for the operation page. This title is used in search engine results pages, and when sharing the link to the operation page on social media.


openapi: '3.0'
tags: [...]
      summary: Example summary
      description: Example description
      operationId: examplePath
      responses: [...]
      parameters: [...]
        - title: "Custom page title"
          description: "Detailed page description"
          keywords: documentation, operation, example
          image: 'https://example.com/image.png'