Specification extensions

The OpenAPI Spec allows for specification extensions (fka vendor extensions) which are properties that start with the x- naming convention.

Redocly has implemented some specification extensions which augment functionality.

List of supported specification extensions by Redoc OSS

  • x-logo
  • x-tagGroups
  • x-code-samples
  • x-traitTag
  • x-displayName
  • x-ignoredHeaderParameters
  • x-additionalPropertiesName

Some are specifically used to bridge between version 2 and 3 of the OpenAPI spec:

  • x-examples
  • x-nullable
  • x-servers

And to bridge between version 2/3.0 and 3.1:

  • x-webhooks

Read more about these extensions.

Learn about how to use specification extensions for other purposes such as hiding an API path, operation, or schema property.