The split command takes an API definition file and creates a multi-file structure out of it by extracting referenced parts into standalone, separate files. Essentially, the split command does the opposite of the bundle command.

The `split` command doesn't support OpenAPI 2.0 definitions.

split usage

entrypoint                                                            [string]

--version  Show version number.                                      [boolean]
--help     Show help.                                                [boolean]
--outDir   Output directory where files will be saved      [string] [required]

The command:

openapi split openapi/petstore.yaml --outDir test

If the specified output directory doesn't exist, it's automatically created. In that directory, the split command "unbundles" the specified API definition. Code samples, components, and paths are split from the root definition into separate files and folders. The structure of the unbundled directory corresponds to the structure created by our Create OpenAPI repo tool.