Overview of the Apigee integration portal

Apigee is a platform for developing and managing APIs, and API proxies.


Using the Apigee portal starter repository as an example, you can now integrate Redocly's Developer portal with the Apigee API via a special authorization proxy.

Note: Redocly provides a proxy with source code that you can host in your own Apigee account.

About Redocly's Developer portal

Using Redocly's Developer portal, organization owners can:

  • Write contextual documentation in markdown (or MDX).
  • Integrate interactive API samples right into the contextual descriptions.
  • Generate high-quality API reference pages with a try it console and code samples.
  • Style and theme it to match your brand guidelines.
  • Control the header, footer and sidebar navigation.

With this Apigee integration, developers and portal users can leverage Redocly's Developer portal features and integrate with your existing Apigee API to build a great developer experience.

How does Redocly's Developer portal work with an Apigee API?

integrated with
Developer portal
paired with
paired with
paired with
paired with
App 1
Product 1
Product 3
App 2
Product 2
set up for
Apigee authorization proxy
Apigee API


Before users can start creating apps and managing API keys using your Developer portal, organization owners must:

  1. Add a Developer portal for developers and portal users. To configure the Developer portal, see our Configuration guide. Note: You can also use an existing Developer portal for the Apigee integration.
  2. Set up and configure your Identity Provider on Redocly Workflows. This will allow developers and portal users to sign in to the Developer portal using the OpenID Connect (OIDC) verification. This is a one-time setup only.
  3. Set up and configure the Apigee proxy using the Org Settings in Workflows. This ensures that developers can use the Developer portal with your Apigee API via the Apigee proxy. This is a one-time setup only.
  4. Set up users with appropriate scopes/permissions to access the Apigee API. Apigee API requires specific scopes and permissions like apigee.developerapps.get to enable access to all developer apps.

Organization owners can restrict access using their own identity provider with OpenID Connect.

When portal users sign up using the Developer portal, Redocly creates a corresponding developer in Apigee.