Using redirects

Redocly supports redirects in Developer portal projects hosted in Workflows. You can create redirects on a page-by-page basis by using a list of redirectFrom absolute paths in Markdown front matter.

Using redirectFrom in Markdown front matter

This approach creates 301 redirects from one or more URLs (sources) to the URL of a Markdown page (target). To add source URLs to a Markdown page, list the absolute paths under the redirectFrom key in the page front matter.

The absolute paths must be provided as items in an array. Each must end with a trailing slash.

In the following example, accessing any of the three listed URLs will open the page. file

title: Example title
enableToc: true
  - /docs/api-reference/on-premise/license-key/
  - /another-example-page/
  - /2020/12/example-blog-post/


# Example heading H1

Example text