Installing the developer portal


Before installing the the developer portal:

  • Install yarn. It works across all the major operating systems.
  • Know how to run the commands from the CLI (for example, yarn install). For Windows, we recommend using Git Bash.
  • Learn common git techniques (creating a branch, committing, and in our examples, opening a pull request on GitHub.)
  • Get familiar with Markdown.
We recommend using Visual Studio Code to manage your files.

Install the Portal

  1. Create a repository based on the template repository.

Use the developer-portal-starter template

The template includes a follow-along tutorial for you to familiarize with the features and functionality.

  1. Install the project.
yarn install

Run the development server

yarn start

Preview your files on the local server displayed in the terminal.

run development server

Troubleshooting installation

If an error occurs during installation, delete the yarn.lock file, and then try to install it again.

rm yarn.lock
yarn install

If the installation problem persists, please contact us.

Ignoring optional dependencies

It's possible to install the portal without optional dependencies. You may want to do this for testing purposes, or if you don't need to use extra options (such as image optimization) in your local development server.

yarn install --ignore-optional