Role privileges

Any user in Workflows may have Owner, Member or Participant organization-level role. (For more details, refer to the Roles and permissions topic.)

People with the Owner role can change default privileges for the Member and Participant roles, including the ability to view top-level tabs and create new content (APIs, references and portals) within these tabs.


Setting up and changing role privileges is only available to Enterprise customers. For all non-enterprise organizations, the role privileges are set by default and are not editable.

There are currently five tabs, other than Settings, available in Workflows app:

  • API Registry
  • Reference
  • Portals
  • People
  • Teams

Configuring any privilege will affect displaying these tabs or related content and buttons inside tabs.

How to configure role privileges

  1. Log in to your organization in Workflows and select Settings.
  2. From the left, select Role privileges.

    Role privileges

  3. Using this page, you can configure view and create privileges for Participant and Member roles by enabling/disabling desired checkboxes. You can also use the "restore default settings" button to restore the defaults. Then select Save.

Role privileges are hierarchical. You cannot uncheck view and leave only create privilege.

"View" privilege

The view privilege allows you to hide or show a particular tab. If left unchecked, the tab is hidden from view, regardless of any project level permissions assigned to user. All related content to unchecked privilege will be hidden in all other tabs.

For example:

  • If you remove view privilege for Reference for some role, users with this role will not be able to see links to reference docs from API overview tab.
  • If you remove view privilege for People for some role, users with this role will not be able to see any info related to people in any page.

"Create" privilege

The create privilege controls ability add new content. If left unchecked, all buttons related to creating content will be hidden (APIs, reference, portals)

For example:

  • If you remove create privilege for Reference for some role, users with this role will not be able to create new reference docs neither from the Reference tab nor from the API Overview tab.

Restore default settings

To restore privileges to default settings, click the Restore default settings button and then click Save to save your changes.


View API registry privilege

For example, you want to hide the API registry tab for people with Member role.

Uncheck the view checkbox for Member column in API registry row and click Save button. (Note that create privilege will be unchecked automatically due to privileges hierarchy)

Deselect view API registry

Result of modified Member role

The API registry tab is not displayed in Workflows.

API registry tab hidden

Create Reference privilege

For example, you want people with Member role to not be able to create Reference docs.

Uncheck the create checkbox for Member column in Reference row.

Deselect Reference view

Result of modified Member role

Members can see the API registry tab and API details, but Create Reference button is hidden from the API Overview page. Also members cannot create new reference docs from the Reference tab.

Create reference button hidden

If you check create checkbox for Member in Reference row, they will see the Create Reference option.

Create reference button shown

View people privilege

For example, you want to show who has Project and Direct access on the Reference settings to users with Participant role.

Enable the view checkbox for Participant column in People row

Select view People

Result of modified Participant role

Participant can see people in the Project access section and Manage direct access section (but only if Participant has Admin base or project role).

Manage access options shown

If you uncheck the view next to People for Member, they will only see the Docs access options.

Manage access options hidden