Get all of the features on the starter, basic, pro plan, and more.

Reference docs with:

  • modern three-panel design

  • performance enhancements to delight

  • try-it API console to let the readers explore your APIs

  • more customizable to match your brand

  • SEO-friendly URLs for discoverability

  • enhanced search including the Control+F hijack

Developer portal with:

  • quickstart guides

  • functional demos

  • three-panel reference docs

  • docs-as-code workflows

  • search across both contextual and reference docs

  • fancy landing pages

  • mermaid diagrams (docs-as-code charts and diagrams)

  • analytics and other marketing-friendly integrations

On-premise or hybrid docs deployments

Deploy the docs in a way that’s convenient to your enterprise. Use our global content CDN for hosting, or deploy it on-premise (or in your cloud):

  • Using a JavaScript snippet included on pages.

  • Using a CLI tool to build static HTML/CSS files.

  • Using a Docker container.

  • Using npm-package-based embedded React components (advanced).

Our solution is trusted on-premise by infosec teams of Global 100 companies - they like our open and honest approach to security with no telemetry.

Unlimited usage*

No usage limits. Users? Custom domains? Builds? No worries. No need to guess your future usage to budget for the best documentation.

* Full disclosure: Usage is rate-limited to prevent abuse. Limits can be raised by contacting us.

Enterprise integrations

We're adding integrations to our enterprise offerings:

  1. Additional source control integrations: GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket Data Center/Server and Azure Devops Repos.
  2. Identity providers for single-sign-on (SSO) access controls: any that support SAML2 or OIDC including Google, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, AWS Cognito, Okta, Ping, Auth0, Rippling, and more.
  3. API gateways for onboarding, credential provisioning, stats, and more: Mulesoft, and you may help us decide what comes next.

Professional services

Some call it professional services, and others call it by a different name. We offer all this to our Enterprise clients:

  • OpenAPI consulting (help write or correct API definitions)

  • OpenAPI teamwork (create processes for API-design first, code-first or hybrid models)

  • Configuration and setup

  • Customization (theming, styles, etc.)

  • Custom component development

  • Feedback/review on custom components or other aspects

  • Training

Premium support (optional for Enterprise)

Our standard enterprise support includes email support and an SLA. Our premium support also covers other channels including Slack (most popular), Telephone, and Zoom support. Enjoy our fastest response times.

Premium support includes up to 30 hours a year of any of our professional services. Add more hours if needed. If you have any special projects, we can scope it out and give you a quote.

We’re limiting ourselves to selling 30 premium support packages in 2021. Get it while it’s available.

Trailblazer (optional)

Gain preview access to features before the rest of our clients. Let’s shape our future, together.

Limited samples:

  • Multi-version switcher (already in general release).

  • Personalization in the API developer portal.

  • Code generation for samples.

  • VS Code plugin for API governance enforcement.


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