Born out of frustration...

In 2015, we were frustrated with our own API definitions specification. Rather than evolve and maintain our own spec, we become interested in Swagger (now called OpenAPI). Within a day or two, we attempted to describe a couple of our hundreds of endpoints in Swagger, and found that it handled many of the scenarios that our previous in-house spec did not. I was excited by this prospect for a few reasons... but one of the main ones was the idea that our API docs would be created directly from our Swagger definition.

We tried to render our Swagger definition in Swagger-UI, and I was so sad to find it does not handle nested objects in a request body in a human-readable way. A multi-month search for solutions ended with the creation of ReDoc. Fast forward a couple years, and Redocly is now poised to democratize the API Developer Portal.

Adam Altman

- Founder, Rebilly, Co-Founder, Redocly

More to come soon...