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Docs-like-code Workflows

  • The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
  • The Loch Ness Monster
  • The sasquatch
  • No operations docs-like-code

These were all unproven myths…until now.
No operations docs-like-code is now a reality with Redocly Workflows.

Features built for developers

Connected to your sources

  • Connect your Redocly account to GitHub (or GitHub Enterprise), Azure Repos, Gitlab or Bitbucket.
  • Or build your docs based on URL or file uploads.


Previews are like staging areas, except better – you have unlimited preview environments! This flexibility allows for more nimble workflows with as much safety as a single staging environment. Previews are built automatically upon the creation of any pull requests.

Preview pull requests or branches automatically. Watch for the green checkmark in your favorite source control software and click it to see the preview. Working on public docs? You can still password-protect your previews.

Continuous validation

From correctness with the OAS3 schema to grammar and style checking or corporate governance, we’ve got you covered.

Access control

Your production or previews (or both) can be protected by access controls:

  • Basic auth: user/passwords that you configure in our Workflows panel.
  • Viewers: using Redocly user-accounts for access controls.
  • SSO: enterprise-integrations for single sign-on using your 3rd party Identity Provider (IDP) SAML 2.0 to protect your docs only to users and enjoy a single-sign-on experience.

API registry

Enabling your API definitions as a single source of truth.

Dependencies and usages

Glues your API definitions to other elements of your API lifecycle. Cascades previews and builds of other docs.

  • Other API definitions: reference existing APIs and keep them in sync.
  • API reference docs: preview changes as you commit.
  • API developer portal: preview changes as you commit.

Redocly Workflows

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