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Redoc Community Edition is a free open-source software.
Redocly has developed extensive enhancements utilizing Redoc's open core creating Redocly Reference Docs.
This page covers the main differences between Redoc Community Edition and Redocly API Reference Docs.

Try it out

Try API requests directly from the browser. Authentication is saved for the duration of the session. It supports all OAS security definitions. The request can be modified by the user and starts from your defined examples.


Redocly Reference Docs is up to 10 times faster than Redoc CE. Its performance-enhancing features include:

  • A new URL-based routing strategy (as opposed to the hash-based strategy in the community edition).

  • Break large definitions up into “sections” (such as by tag group or operation).


With its enhanced search features, Redocly Reference Docs makes it possible to crawl the entire definition and display the number of matches more clearly. Navigate to a search result and you’ll find your terms highlighted for easy findability.


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Get started

Pull-right extension

You can pull text into the right-hand panel for your contextual introductions utilizing a markdown extension tag <PullRight>. This is useful when you wish to present an example alongside explanatory text.

Direct links to schema details

You can point to the response schema, including your error response schema. By using this markdown extension tag <RedocResponse pointer=#/_components/responses/Unauthorized /> you generate a linkable URL to the response schema and documentation.
This is useful if you wish to utilize problem details for HTTP APIs as described in rfc7807 (

Auto-generated code samples

Redocly Reference Docs can automatically generate request code samples in supported languages based on your API definition. You can control the display of optional properties and parameters, and hide request payload samples. Like manually added code samples, auto-generated code samples are displayed in tabs. With Redocly Reference Docs, you can change their tab titles by applying custom labels.

More sidebar options

Our community edition handles the side-nav by tag. It also supports a vendor extension x-tagGroups which organized groups of tags into sections in the sidebar.

The professional edition Redocly Reference Docs handles additional sidebar configurations including displaying path in the sidebar, as well as a deeply nested sidebar intended for very large APIs.

Try out API reference docs

Setting up your API documentation is as easy as 1,2,3!

Simply enter your OpenAPI definition file and click preview.

More theming options

The premium version provides you with more control over typography, color, and style choices than its open-source alternative.

Multiple API definitions support

The community edition has basic support for multiple API definitions. Each definition is rendered in a separate tab. The professional edition can combine them into a single page. This is also important for searching across multiple definitions.

Version switcher

If you have multiple versions of the same API, you might want a version switcher. Not only do you get all of these features with Redocly, but you also get hosting, workflow automation, and a dev portal.