Upward and onward at Redocly

2021 seemed like a natural extension of the previous year, but there were a lot more positives and forward movement. At Redocly, we have had a superb year.

November 2021 updates

November felt like a wrap-up month at Redocly, in the sense that we wrapped up some really big projects and made some nifty UX improvements to our products such as the OpenAPI...

SEO the API docs

Documentation is becoming a critical asset in selling and marketing API-based products.

5 reasons why you should install the Redocly VS Code extension

Earlier this year, we launched a new product: the Redocly OpenAPI VS Code extension.

October 2021 updates

Throughout the month of October, our focus has been troubleshooting and fortifying our products, but we didn't forget about new features and enhancements, either.

September 2021 updates

September was a super busy month at Redocly, given the exciting amount of features we have been baking into our products.

August 2021 updates

It has been another huge month at Redocly. Continuing on from our major update to Reference docs last month, we now have version 1.

July 2021 updates

There was so much to be excited about at Redocly and our superlative developer experience goal in the month of July.

Announcing Reference docs 2.0

After many months of hard work, we're ecstatic to reveal the biggest update to our Reference docs product since its launch.

June 2021 updates

June is the month of solstices, both of the northern and southern variety for Redocly employees who are dispersed globally.

May 2021 updates

The fifth month of the lap around the sun heralded another busy period at Redocly.

April 2021 updates

At Redocly, in April, we have been akin the proverbial duck - calm on the surface, but paddling furiously underneath with our API suite of products.

March 2021 updates

What a super month March has been at Redocly! To say we have been busy would be an understatement.

February 2021 updates

February may be a short month in the calendar, but it was certainly busy at Redocly! This post highlights some of our recent product updates, new features and enhancements fr...

January 2021 updates

Starting 2021, Redocly will periodically publish a list of new features and enhancements we have delivered across our API products during our development cycles.

Presenting multiple APIs for better discovery

Does your organization own documentation for multiple APIs? How can users find them? This topic is commonly called API discovery.

Where to store your OpenAPI definitions

This post is the first of a series of posts we plan to publish around how organizations can leverage the best of OpenAPI definitions, source control repositories, documentatio...

What Redocly brought to the API space in 2020

Enough said. No doubt, this year will go down as one of the most challenging years in recent times. We hope you are doing ok and have survived this brute of a pandemic.

The top three reasons I love docs-as-code

At Redocly, we embrace developer experience. We believe docs-as-code is the optimal developer experience for producers of APIs.

From ReDoc to Redoc.ly

As you probably know ReDoc was developed by Rebilly which is a payment/subscription company. Their main product is an API and it has a lot of endpoints and advanced payloads.

OpenAPI 3

A few weeks ago, we migrated three API definitions that I maintain and contribute to OpenAPI 3 from Swagger 2. It is relatively easy to transition from version 2 to 3.

API-first design

The background… By the time ReDoc was released in 2015, I was more comfortable with the OpenAPI (fka Swagger) specification.

Hello world, our mission is to perfect the API Developer Portal

ReDoc was born out of frustration with rendering my OpenAPI definitions for API reference docs. Developer documentation is very important to a developer’s experience.