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Redocly's developer portal gives developers all the information and tools they need to use your API. Build your portal by embedding your API documentation. From there, you can add landing pages, how-to guides, tutorials, examples, and so much more.

You will love these:

Fully customizable theme

Embed your API reference docs into a fully customizable developer portal.

  • Follow the single source of truth principle.
  • Generate documentation automatically from an OpenAPI definition.
  • Match the portal to your organization’s branding.
  • Integrate interactive API samples right into text descriptions.
  • Create clear and easy to use content with markdown, diagrams, and React _components.

Our docs-as-code philosophy

At Redocly, we follow the DRY principle of software development - Don't Repeat Yourself. Your API definitions are assets so we made them reusable within contextual docs.

Seamless API integration

Developed with both the documentarian and developer in mind, Redocly’s portal framework allows you to write your documentation as you create your code. Write it, test it, and deploy it, all in one intuitive application fully integrated with OAS2 and OAS3.

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Fully customizable theme

Create docs that fit the look and feel of your brand. You have complete control over the top navigation bar, sidebars, and the footer. How customizable is it? It’s powering this very website you’re on right now.

  • Page-level table of contents
  • Read-time
  • Information blocks
  • Write using markdown
  • Diagram using Mermaid.js
  • Vale for grammar and style
  • Broken-link checker
  • Package of common _components
  • Extensible with React MDX (embeddable React _components)

Comprehensive search

Search through ALL of your documentation for any of the following:

  • Request parameters
  • Response parameters
  • Descriptions
  • Examples
  • Use cases
  • Tutorials
  • Guides
  • Configurable for path-only or full-text search

Zero to docs-as-code in 5 minutes

The Redocly API Developer Portal is fast and easy-to-use.





SEO-friendly: get more visitors from Google & Bing.

The Redocly developer portal will boost your API documentation’s keyword rankings and search engine visibility.

  • Meta descriptions, keywords, images
  • Redirect (301/302) support for moved URLs/pages
  • Backlinks


Gain fresh insights into how your prospects are using your API documentation. Redocly integrates easily with Google Analytics and other providers so you can leverage your data.