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Getting started with Redocly API reference docs


Render your OpenAPI definition(s) as interactive API documentation.

Main features:

  • Support of deeply nested payloads.
  • *Try It- API console with support for different servers and the OAS3 security schemes.
  • Advanced search.
  • Separate-file embedded markdown for extended introductions.

To utilize *Redocly API reference docs- you need an OpenAPI definition (it's compatible with version 2 and 3 of the specification). Redocly integrates with your version control software, or you can upload a file or share a URL with the location of your OpenAPI definition.

If you require Redocly API reference docs to be deployed on-premise only, such as due to specific security constraints, you are available to do that on our enterprise plan via 3 mechanisms:

  • Using a JavaScript CDN link (easiest)
  • Using a CLI tool to build static documentation (medium)
  • Using Docker (more difficult)

Find our on-premise guide here.