Configuration file


The configuration file controls configuration options of the CLI tool. It may be passed as metadata to the API registry which can then subsequently be used to build the docs.

Filename and location

The CLI tool will search the current working directory for a configuration file named .redocly.yaml.

File format

The configuration file is expected to be in YAML format.

The contents of the YAML are according to the following structure:

# a set of named keys and values of entrypoints to OpenAPI 3 definitions.
# example
  petstore: ./openapi/openapi.yaml
  caretaker: ./openapi/caretaker.yaml

# the lint options

# the API reference docs options, including theme options.

# the API registry options

# future products may be configured by extending this file


The apiDefinitions section's purpose is to define one or more entrypoints to your OpenAPI 3 definitions. Redocly supports both multi-file definitions and multiple (multi-file) definitions.

This section is optional.

The validation command uses the apiDefinitions for providing shortcuts to referencing the definition.

Based on the example .redocly.yaml file above, here is an example usage:

openapi-cli lint petstore caretaker

In addition, it allows for running the command which will apply to all APIs defined:

openapi-cli lint


The lint section's primary purpose is to define options for the lint and bundle commands. You may also import plugins and extends their configurations.

Read more about the lint configuration section.


The referenceDocs section configures features (availability and options) and theming (style, fonts, colors).

There are two products: Redoc Community Edition (CE), and Redocly API reference docs. Reference docs supports all configuration options from Redoc Community Edition plus a set of premium options.

Find the full list of supported options on the Reference docs configuration page.


The registry section is reserved for future API registry features.

Read more about the registry section.

Schema reference

Array of objects non-empty

A map of aliases and the source of the API definitions. Especially useful for managing multiple API definitions.


A set of configurations to lint and decorate your APIs used when the lint and bundle commands execute.


These configurations are used when previewing or building the docs.