View and download registry assets

Once you have added assets to the API registry, you can view the assets or download them to your local storage from your browser.

View registry assets list

  1. Log in to your organization in Workflows and select API registry.
  2. Select the API version for which you want to view assets. The API version details page displays.
  3. Select the Assets tab to display a list of uploaded assets. API version assets
  • Use the Select branch dropdown to view assets added to another branch. The API registry keeps track of assets added to any specific branches.
  • Registry assets (within subfolders) are grouped and sorted by size and extension.

View individual asset contents

Use Copy link to view individual asset contents.

  1. For the asset for which you want to view details, select Copy link. For example, the file. A Copied message displays briefly. Copied message
  2. Open a new browser tab/window, paste the copied URL and press Enter. The asset ( content is displayed in the browser. View README

Similarly, you can view content for any of the assets uploaded to the registry, including YAML files, images etc.

Download individual assets

Use Download to access individual asset contents.

  1. For the asset you want to download, select Download. For example, the file. The Save as dialog displays. Download asset
  2. Save the asset file to your local storage.