Built-in environment variables

The portal uses built-in environment variables during the build process. Control behavior of the build by adjusting these variable values.

These values must be adjusted in the shell (for on-premise or local development) or Workflows (for hosted portal builds) rather than in an environment file.

Variable name Default Description
REDOCLY_ACTIVE_ENV production or development Controls which .env.* files are loaded; for example, a value of production will load the .env.production file. Defaults to production in Workflows and development in your local development server.
REDOCLY_DISABLE_IMAGES_OPTIMIZATION 0 Disables the Sharp-based image optimization in the portal build. Same as omitting the --with-images-optimization build option.
REDOCLY_LICENSE_KEY Use the on-premise license key for local development or CI builds. Handled automatically in our Workflows environment. Same as setting the license key in the site config.
REDOCLY_LINT_OUTPUT_FORMAT stylish Changes the lint output format for APIs used in the portal. Supported values are: stylish (used by default) and codeframe. Same as the --openapi-problems-format build command argument.
REDOCLY_OPENAPI_IGNORE_ERRORS 0 Ignores lint problems during the build. Same as the --ignore-openapi-errors build command argument.
REDOCLY_PREFIX_PATHS / Sets a prefix that will be added to all paths in the portal. Useful for hosting the content at a different directory than the root (/) of your domain. It should start with a leading slash. Same as the --prefix-paths build command argument.
REDOCLY_* n/a Environment variables starting with REDOCLY_ are reserved for future or internal use.

Additional environment variables related to configuring identity providers are available for on-premise portals only.

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